Poems Appropriate for Boxes

Many artists like to include an "enclosure" or personal item to comfort the family along with the box. If you prefer to just include a signed note, we make some suggestions on wording on the enclosures page. The following poems have been donated by the authors for use in the Memory Box Program. You can find additional poems at http://www.christianwritings.com/. We express our thanks to all the artists who have shared their talents with us.

Dear Mom.
I had to leave, please understand
I'm resting now in God's own hand.
I was just too weak, too sick to stay,
I would never run or jump or play.

That's not the way it's supposed to be;
A child wants more -- I hope you'll see.
I wanted to smile, to play, to love,
So I had to return to my Father above.

Mom, I thank you for keeping me close,
For giving me love, for keeping me warm,
For rubbing your belly and giving soft pats.
They comforted me and I love you for that.

Maybe some evening, late at night.
You'll look to the heavens and see a light,
A star that is twinkling high above,
It's me -- and I'm sending you my love.

Gerry Dashiell-Richter

[also on the page, under the poem:]

Here are some treasures, precious memories, though few
I hope somehow they'll bring some comfort to you!

Treasures of the Heart

There is no greater treasure than what's held within this chest,
More valuable than diamonds, silver, yes even gold.
The joining of two hearts, the sum of two souls,
No greater treasure, nor story ever told.
A gift to you is this chest, to place within
The treasures of your heart and your memories to hold.

Camille Labusohr

Our Precious Baby
On Clouds Above is
Heaven's Very Special Love.

In memory of Tammy Ann Black
January 27, 1967
Glenda Black

My Empty Place
You were connected to my heart,
A gift of love within my womb,
You moved, quickening every fiber of my being, filling me. The bond that
would never be broken.
Then you were gone, only faint, treasured reminders that you ever were.
The tears do not heal the crushing pain,
A part of my soul.....gone forever...I am empty.
Then quietly, in the night sometimes, I feel the whisper of soft
butterfly kisses on my cheek,
the gentle touch of a tiny hand sweeping away the endless tears, Hear
the sugar tones of laughter as you pat my face, filling up my empty
place, and telling me that you are here.
To Davy...Sleep in Grandma's arms
Faye Stewart
Donated with the author's permission by Jean Willis

A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam,
And for a brief moment its glory and beauty
belong to our world.
But then it flies on again, and though we wish
it could have stayed, we feel lucky
to have seen it.
Contributed by Marie Owen

Memories Last Forever
I painted each stroke with love for your child
And said silent prayers for you
May you find inner strength to cope with your loss
Allowing others to help you through
Though you must feel alone please know you are not
As I reach out to show you I care
You can place items of love in this memory box
To hold dear to your heart or to share
Contributed by Pat Duncan

Although I cannot hold you in my arms,
you will be forever held
deep within my heart.
Although I cannot see you with my eyes,
I will picture you always in my mind,
of what was, and what could have been.
Know that you are loved,
and that you made a special place
within my life and I will cherish you always.
July 21rst 1986
In Memory of David Byers
Lisa Kerr

An angel delivered you to our arms
deprived us of your worldly charms
whisked you away to the stars above
left us with cherished memories of love.
- Bonita Firby